I have been on a number of seminars over this covid period; to collect continued professional development points, where a number of the headline acts (excuse the pun) are past and present government ministers.

What seems to be developing is one way dialogue from them; if it wasnt already, where the audience cant participate in valued questions. Whats even worst, where questions get asked there’s a bunch of enablers who vet the questions before. Needless to say, nothing of value gets discussed.

One wonders whats next?

I’m just waiting for him to say he’s been chased by a goat…….

The skill of the cartoonist is to sometimes shine a spotlight, or perhaps clean a spot on the window that we may see ourselves more clearly.
Just occasionally we may be startled and say”really is that me”. Unfortunately today this is not permitted, we cannot look at ourselves in this manner, laugh at our silly behavior. Unfortunately the news paper editors are running scared of the PC banner wavers and have rendered the cartoonist impotent instead of standing up for them. I shed a tear for what once was, and another for what will be.

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