Some readers have tried to claim the million dollars on offer if they can tell me what Jacinda actually did regarding the White Island eruption. This offer was in the context of the constantly repeated claim of her handling the eruption so brilliantly.

Trying to claim the million by saying she did nothing is a mis-use of language. The offer was for advising what she did do, not what she didn’t do.

I’m well aware she did nothing for the very good reason there was nothing she could do, yet our newspapers have literally hundreds of times, run worshippers claims of the brilliant way she handled the eruption.

No wonder superstition survives. Christianity is a typical example with its absurd creationist claims, the walking on water, the Ark nonsense and so on.

In difficult times Jacinda took on messiah status in the minds of the weak although as next year’s election will show, atheism regarding Jacindamania is now in the ascendency.


I so hope you are right about next year but there is still time for them to buy some votes from their favourite clowns. UBI has been mentioned which would buy quite a few votes.

Did you watch her on the Lorraine programme in the UK? She is her own star. Looking into the distance, pontificating and cloyingly smug.

In times of universal deceit, people will follow anyone holding out some measure of hope. As for the absurdity of creation, evolution is still only a theory. If you’d care to listen to an apologist for evolution, I’ll watch the sixty minute Youtube clip with you. We’ll debate point for point. You’ll only risk losing The Bayleys Building.

just like methuselah who supposedly lived for 969 years. Christ imagine having to shave every day for that long

I’ll tell you what she did….fund media to the turn of $35 million, to keep them silent on her misgivings…

Agree Bob. Another thing she did not do was to intervene to stop the ludicrous prosecution of the true heroes, the helicopter pilots.

Jacinda made an announcement about an announcement from the podium of truth.
Then her Government Departments went about prosecuting the rescuers.

What about the hugs that soothed the weary rescuers.

t47abx@gmail.com July 5, 2022 at 7:46 am

Photos emerged of the New Zealand Prime Minister hugging first responders, not dissimilar to pictures of her hugging victims of the Christchurch massacre.

FFS what a load of (un) believable bullshit


I did tell you what she did. She emoted. To emote is to give expression to, or portray, emotion. The big eyes, sorrowful mouth, hugs . . .are familiar because it’s something she does often and well. That it had no impact on the island is irrelevant. You asked what she did, not what she achieved. http://cureourovariancancer.org/nz Will be very grateful for the $1m. Thank you.

Ah, the big joke is the people Jacinda was hugging weren’t even the first responders. She never went near them nor did she seek them out. She just hugged the first medical people she saw in front of some handy cameras. I was one of the first responders.

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