Scientists report Ruapehu is on the verge of an eruption. Plainly a case for Jacinda to deal with just as we are repeatedly told she did with White Island.

I’ve offered a million dollars to anyone who could tell me precisely what she did with White Island but alas, no takers. Yet still this nonsense perseveres, as recently as a week or so back from Damien Grant in the Sunday Times. As he’s normally a hard-headed common-sense commentator, this showed just how much this absurdity has unthinkingly spread.

However, here’s a tip to anglers. If you want to catch a giant trout for mounting purposes, then if the mountain erupts, get yourself to Taupo.

I’ve spent an estimated seven years of my life fishing the Taupo rivers, over which time the mountain has erupted on a few occasions.

This inevitably flushed up some spectacularly large trout, the assumption being the eruption disturbs them from their deep lake water hangouts into the shallower parts and occasionally river mouth shallows and lower reaches.

So assuming the mountain erupts while Jacinda is show-ponying abroad and not available to put a stop to it, as she allegedly did with White Island, then if you crave a 12 pounder, get on up to the Taupo rivers.


She did precisely nothing. I’ll forward my bank details

Hi Bob, have to claim the million. You asked the question, “what did Jacinda do?” Answer… absolutely nothing! Bank account follows.

She’s in Australia. She’s be home soon. They have a policy called 501. It’s a sort of honesty test.

actually paid a load of money, ours to the Maori group at the center then I believed are on the block now for negligence.

The first name of the first two claimant’s sums things up quite well. Me, I’m not greedy, I will just clip the ticket on the way through. Saint Matthew being the Patron Saint of Tax Collectors and all….. (True Story).

What did she do with White Island? She emoted, to which the island took no notice. But witht his government emoting is sufficient, just as announcing announcements is a recognised substitute for delivering. Please forward the $1m to http://cureourovariancancer.org/nz to help reduce the toll the disease takes, killing more women than die in road accidents. The government spends multi millions of dollars trying to reduce the road toll and nothing on ovarian cancer awareness & research. Your $1m will make a positive difference.

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