Last Friday’s Dominion Post ran a cover photo on the increased intake of maori police-women, this showing some mostly largish lady cops.

Inside the support story showed a photo of a pleasant looking, slim young lady cop who they referred to as a “recently graduated wahine maori.”

This seems highly unlikely given she bore a Samoan name, specifically Vesa Opetaiai.

Then again, why not? Numerous prominent citizens have found it useful to claim themselves as maori, solely on the basis of a distant relative giving them one sixteenth maori heritage.


Apparently there’s plenty on dating site tinder, if anyone wants to join the party.

I’m not sure you even need 1/16th Māori blood. I was told when I asked a Māori tourist person that if you identify as Māori then you are Māori. So let’s all do that then everyone can be treated equally. Oops, sorry too radical.

    This whole “identify as” thing is getting completely ridiculous. What sort of person goes around “identifying” with their race – or, even more strangely, their sexual proclivities. Ignore their family, their community, church, career or sports or any combination of a multitude of attachments and it all comes down to race? Disgusting.

Absolutely Bob, right on the money!!
What this pathetic government is doing in this country allowing Mahuta & co to run the show is disgraceful..

Many years ago a friend suggested I go on the Maori electoral roll. Not being a Maori but unhappy with the last vestige of the FPP electoral system and the obvious racial differentiation for a group that you clearly know are in the bulk genetically not Maori.
My plan was to encourage all New Zealander’s to do the same and thus force all seats to be Maori and the consequently the same.
I was never asked to show evidence of provenance.

Apparently the number of New Zealanders seriuosly considering leaving is now over 1 million.
How can that be when this country has the greatest leader in the history of the universe?
Perhaps the journalist responsible is not on the governments payrol.

    Fake news. Motivated persons left as soon as the planes started again.
    By the time the stranglers get around to leaving they won’t be able to afford the airfares.

      Yep – I left over a year ago. As a 5th generation Kiwi it really harts to see what our nation has become

      … I imagine the stranglers are all somewhere in Queen Street … probably being chased by some largish Maori wahine cops with Samoan names ….

Like so many maori words now not confired to maori very confusing ie rangatahi, tamariki, whanau, mahi etc.
With maori all so interconnected the Police are going to have great difficutly keeping operations confidential

This is something I have brought up repeatedly. Once we have “separate but equal” systems-the obvious requirement will be for a test of some description for “Maoriness”. How sick is this. One thinks of the racial courts in South Africa or the charts of Jewishness in Himmler’s office. But Its inevitable.

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