From the native word ‘Tome’, as in; the benefits To-Me.

For those aged over 35.
When I was young museums in NZ would invariably have a display of pre Maori people (ie.. didn’t arrive on a boat and not Chatham Moriori ) native to the land, from memory known as the Maoriori or perhaps Moriori of the mainland.

Where did the displays go ? Why have Maoriori been wiped from our history ? Who is responsible for doing this ? Why has there not been a major publicised announcement of a substancial change in the history of human evolution in NZ ?
How can such major evolutionary learning and teaching be expunged ?
Perhaps I missed the 10pm news that Friday prior to Xmas break or perhaps simply deemed “unimportant” to the proletariat, ( probably more importantly, why have the proletariat been allowed Xmas ??).

Even by Tremain’s high standards that is hilarious!

On my understanding the original Treaty was knocked up in a few hours, Nz Law keeps growing exponentially. i don’t think there is a fair comparison.

one word: sad

Of course the British Empire signed up a deal of the century with our first migrants! The best part is how the Maori translation of the English original text has a totally different meaning, seriously? Given to five hundred illiterate chiefs who put their thumb prints on it so the British would protect them from the depredations of their fellows.

Tremain vastly overestimates the size of the original document…which was only 3 paragraphs.

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