The government on our behalf, has issued court proceedings against itself, in the process costing tax-payers a fortune in legal fees.

I refer to the state agency Worksafe, suing the police after a gang leader, arrested for drug offences, died in his cell from what is described as “a medical event”. Apparently the police failed to check on his well-being often enough while he was in custody.

This is Kafkaesque madness. It’s no secret the Police are understaffed, thanks largely to the explosion in criminal activity, notably by gangs, and simply cannot cope with the work demands.

The Worksafe agency is plainly staffed by half-wits. The Justice Minister should intervene and put a stop to this pointless and costly nonsense which can achieve nothing more than a ridiculous waste of tax-payer money in legal fees.


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Here here!

Please excuse me..is it not “Hear,hear” ? derived from ” Hear ye, hear ye” ?

Winstons favourite descriptions..La La Land !!
Well he should know he put us here.


Don’t worry Bob; the depths of ineptitude and incompetence have been nowhere near plumbed by this government yet.
They will provide much more “grist to your mill!”

You hit the nail on the head Bob , a bunch of halfwits …led by an even bigger bunch of halfwits ! When will this madness end or is this just what humans have become ?

Could I suggest it’d be far more quick, effective, economic, and possibly even entertaining, if these overpaid incompetent idiots simply challenged each other to some good old-fashioned publicly fought fatal duels??!!!

Sir Bob – you are being too kind to Worksafe. They are not “halfwits”. They are a different type of “…..wits”

….yes …did somebody call for me ?

A fundementally nagging worry for many reader/commentator on your site SB must surley be it would appear many Kiwi’s either don’t care, don’t understand or are not concerned enough to demand an end to our mad delusional leadership.
Where has our sense of true unbias, fairness and equality gone ?

Who for example would ever have thought a NZ government would bring racial identity, not need as the primary consideration for health care ? Labour ignores the Hypocratic Oath ! Brought about through bribed conspirital media and ideologically naive regional governance.
Yet our population remains largely silent. Reminiscent of most catastrophic regime.

Stupid appathy, or hands in the trough !
For those that carry the weight, why bother investing in a mistake.

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