There is learning leading to progress and there is dithering

Brilliant. The word is out and getting harder for the dictator to ignore. I think she is very frightened of Mahuta and her friends. Still over 12 months to do a lot of damage. NZ may be losing 1m of its residents, if I was younger I would go as well …

Ardern Drive sign is incomplete (obviously) as it should be a cul-de-sac. Ho Hum Highway and so there is but one road to take. Brilliant as usual.

” …do a 180°, head West… lot less hassle… way better drive …no more 20kph “

Another route would be the gravy train UN, a play where washed up redundant politicians can continue cultivating their wisdom..

I like how it is turn to the “left”, go “centre” or turn to the “right”. Any turn right would be called a “far right” turn.

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