A Gillian Boyes, Chief Executive of the Funeral Directors Association, writing a guest piece in The Listener recently, declared having your funeral paid for by everyone else is a fundamental human right.

Personally I think Funeral Directors providing free funerals to everyone is a fundamental human right. Perhaps we could have a referendum on who’s right; Gillian or me.

There’s a common denominator to these ever new fundamental human rights inventors. Usually they have a financial interest in their advocacy, as is the case with this latest effort. An added explanation is stupidity.


Sorry Bob, but I totally agree with her.
But it should be a full ethnic funeral… the one where they plonk the body on a stick platform high up in a tree and the scavengers pick the bones clean…
Much more colourful, entertaining, and far more affordable for us long-suffering taxpayers… lol

….and thats where the rest of us have a right to chime in..

You’re right! If you’re dead and just lying there, someone will put you underground pretty quick …

Having paid for two funerals myself, I can tell all this lot know how it charge..and its hard..

Speaking to a funeral director in more recent times, the covid isolation period was particularly hard on their business model…

Maybe they need to expand their geographical reach to Ukraine…it might match their vulture charges…

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