Before a number of witnesses a Dunedin man was beaten up by a group then run over by a vehicle, whereupon he died.

Stuff reports the Police have advised “the death is being treated as unexplained.”

Perhaps their wives or children or most asylum inmates could help the Police with an explanation, specifically that the deceased was beaten up then run over.


Unbelievable. Probably Covid

… regardless of being beaten up and subsequently run over by a car , it wont be until the coroner’s report if the man is deemed to have died because of Covid19 … or some other cause ….

… bit like the “unexplained” $200 million Labour lost track of for mental health spending or the $80 million spent at Pike River for nothing,or the $10 million spent on the Auckland goast cycle bridge or the $100 million spent on the Polytech debacle or the $ 40+ million spent on the 3 waters debacle or the on-going $20+ million spent on the Hamilton to Auckland Huia train…….and many many more “unexplained” wasteful squandering corrupt events happening as we read.
Don’t expect the forth estate to do their job as we do know where another $50+ million has been distributed.

what the fuck is wrong with the cops these days can’t even report on the obvious
bit like the covid death from a gun shot

The most shocking part of this story is that you read that lefty tripe that is Stuff.

Reminds me of a situation where police were assessing a head on crash. They stated that they suspected that one of the vehicles may have crossed the centre line…….

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