The media have had a field-day over the Sharma affair.

The non-descript Hamilton MP came into Parliament as part of the Labour landslide, its principal reason being the then religious-like faith by dopey Kiwis that Jacinda was the second coming and had eliminated coronavirus.

It’s my pick circa 30 of those new MPs will be gone after the next election, including Sharma, albeit in his case, probably earlier, and all never to be heard of again.

Sharma fell out with his colleagues, initially over bullying claims, a seemingly common-place occurrence in Parliament.

His public outbursts deserved reporting for their unorthodoxy but that was weeks ago for God’s sake. But on and on and on it goes.

This farcical excessive publicised non-issue points up why the media are held in low regard. This is a great pity as there’s some exceptional New Zealand journalists doing excellent work who I don’t doubt, share these sentiments.

Let’s not hear any more Sharma stuff. It aint news, rather it’s a world-class beat-up.


Yeah but it’s a chance to,have a go at Labour.
And as Luxy Luxon cannot score a hit you have to. Have a go with low hanging fruit.

It was certainly a welcome distraction from the Tauranga guy which they were wetting themselves over. The running theme was that National were picking these people with dodgy backgrounds. So from that point of view Sharma was a bonus. Agree that it should now be over. It would be fun with Sharma still has some grenades to throw it but suspect not.

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