Often think Tremaine’s cartoons, though brilliantly drawn, lack a punchline. But thus one is a doozy!

Yes it’s very important to be able to express yourself as you slide down the slippery slope of ignorance, grasping desperately at tufts of some half forgotten novelty language.

So true..

An agenda, that has forgotten whats most important…

I’m personally thinking of holding my children back a year, to an attempt to catch up. The scaled up marks for the masses are meaningless….

Summer school should be available, for those to choose; but government are too slow to think about that option…

Education, like alot of things, is turning into a train wreck…and the sad thing is there appears to be no sign of fixing it from the opposition…

    Government does not have the intellect and understanding of the educative process. They are only interested in achieving ill-considered ideologies with no thought as to need of practicalities

There is every sign of the Opposition fixing it Good Samaritan, but you need to realise ACT not Luxon’s leftovers, are the Opposition.

Te Reo is no more obscure than Russian, Polish or Greek, each of the languages being virtually useless outside the border of the country they are spoken in. Te Reo the same; if you want to travel to broaden your intellect then English, French and Spanish will get you by. Being multi lingual is a benefit, don’t knock it until you have tried it.

Interesting that you haven’t included Mandarin!

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