Has English-born, Sri Lankan ethnic now Kiwi, Dileepa Fonseka, ever written anything not steeped in common sense and wisdom? He’s a huge asset to Stuff with his business and political commentaries and deserves a substantial raise, regardless of what he’s being paid now.

Recently he came up with this pearl.

“When it comes to scapegoats (for the housing crisis) the first rule is the target to blame must be someone who is not you. This generally rules out most of the main causes of the housing crisis.”


Hence the term, “blame-storming” to describe a meeting originally intended to come up with ideas to solve a particular problem.

Often the abuser to deflect the fact that the are the abuser, the one to blame, will play the victom. In the normal course of events, before the evidence surfaces, they will be believed. So, the housing crisis, like the coming food crisis along with the general cost of living crisis, was caused by someone else so we must socialise the country to protect everyone.

Ah yes !
Can we PLEASE get him away from that Stuffed organisation ?

As my Father used to say –

There’s a lesson to be learnt
From the Old Sea Captains Log
The horn that’s tooting loudest
is the one that’s In The Iog.

I used to work for seagull management like this – they flap into the office, shit all over everyone, and flap out again.

    Fog, Doug. The loudest is in the fog.

      Thankyou GK, it was indeed Fog. That’s what I get for trying to write stuff as I run out the door to visit spouse in hospital. Mind in too many places … maybe women are right and we can only single-task?

Wayne Senior Fairbrother October 12, 2022 at 11:16 am

From my 30+ years of managing other people, nearly all meetings need to begin with: “OK guys we stuffed up. We have a problem. Worrying about who to blame won’t fix the problem. How can we make it right again? How can we prevent the same problem happening again in the future?

Bob – Very perceptive of you. Dileepa is such a stand-out at Stuff. You may have seen his recent reporting on Mike Garnham and Mark Dunajtschik. Real news! Outrageous behaviour by Garnham, a genuine commercial hazard. Where were the other journalists? Camped at Jacinda’s door for further tit-bits? Dileepa’s opinion pieces are in such contract to the other Staff show ponies such as the dreadful (let me tell you, again, how clever I am) Joel Maxwell.

Call me cynical, but it’s not a housing crisis just because the luvvies can’t all have the houses they see in the magazines. I certainly accept that some of the poorer areas of the country have a problem with affordability-but I suspect those citizens involved would have a problem getting pissed in a brewery.

It is a housing crisis. We keep inviting foreign workers to come and gain employment here, with their families, and their parents … Where do we house them all when we already have people sleeping rough in cars and parks. I’m not sure that anyone is at the helm of this ship.

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