My company targets diverse investment locations for permanent building acquisitions and have people on the ground there.

For very good reasons, in eastern Europe, Riga and Budapest are our main location goals.

Electricity costs in Hungary have risen 700% so far this year. The state-owned power company bills now arrive with messages printed on them blaming George Soros and Brussels for the soaring price increases.

New Zealanders lack the requisite sense of humour to wear this, but I must say if I owned one of our power companies I’d love to wind the customers up with a printed message on the monthly bill saying “The rising cost is all bloody Jacinda’s fault.”


Well SB, at least fault of the UN as we New Zealanders must pay dearly to ensure Jacinda secures an appointment obviously more important than the future of the universe.

We Kiwis don’t have the required sense of humor for that one Bob, far to PC in our current leftist swing. I’d like to blame alot of things on our PMs self centered agenda!!!!

Convoluted though the journey may be…. at the end of the day she is the Principal

700 % increase. Its a sign of our times, basically this generations version of the oil shocks of the last century. As the Arab world tried to blackmail the west in to abandonment of Israel, Putin now seeks to blackmail Europe in to abandoning the Ukraine.
As they say about people who don’t know history, he is doomed to the same failing…

If there is any possible way to do a thing wrong our current government will find it.

Just imagine how well dart boards would sell with Jacinda as the centre piece. It would have to be a best seller.

It’d be the same old bull.

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