Goodness gracious me , I nearly wet my grandpa nappies when I read the last line . Who knew Tremain was the poet laureate of New Zealand . Awesome !

She can always go fruit picking after the next election now that she’s had some practice overseas she will be able to command top dollar!

Compare his brilliant work with the rubbish ‘cartoons’ published by the NZHerald – once the nation’s leading newspaper, now a pathetic daily rag run and written by stupid, inexperienced, immature, engineering children. The media has capitulated to Ardern and her socialist buddies who are screwing this once wonderful country. I mean NEW ZEALAND!

    Well said I stopped purchasing NZ Herald last year until they write without fear or favour

      To quote from Garrickj Tremain’s great little golf book – old Jock standing there looking forlorn after another bad round ‘ if I was nae married, I’d give the game away’. Similarly, for me, the Herald ‘if it weren’t for the cryptic crossword, I’d never buy the the thing again’.

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