The weird craving from (mainly) young women to falsely claim part exotic ancestry, usually but not always of their nation’s indigenous race, is not peculiar to New Zealand. They then waste their lives on the strength of this fantasy with so-called “activism”, fighting for “our people”. Invariably many are exposed, in Australia and America in particular, although less so here. In New Zealand, challenging someone’s claimed “morri” credentials and adopted new maorified name is something the media cowardly shies from exposing.

The latest amusing such revelation comes from America following the death of a women known as Sacheen Littlefeather. She popped up half a century back, gaining world-wide attention at the Academy Awards, on behalf of the winner Marlon Brando, who’d asked her to represent him and turn down the award as a protest against the treatment of her “fellow native Indians”.

Her sisters have now piped up and exposed her as a fantasist. Their father was Hispanic, they advised and her mother, a white American. Her real name was Marie Louise Cruz.

My pop psychologist’s explanation for this behaviour is simply the desire for attention by otherwise untalented and unexceptional people, claiming an exotic characteristic.

There are many manifestations of this attention-seeking by the non-de-script, such as obese girls with green or pink hair, rather than a more rational approach of losing weight.


That last paragraph is so true

Apart from the singular being ‘woman’ – absolutely on the button. It reminded me of the hilarious moment some years ago when you asked Stephen (aka Tipene) O’Regan’s daughter Hana, “What are you doing now Hana?”.

“I’m devoting myself to our people, Bob”.

Then quick as a flash.

“Really, so you’re going back to Ireland?”

As Mastercard would say – priceless!

😂😂 Joanna Forbes, for example – nowfive syllable Mihingarangi

Meanwhile, me from northern England shall henceforth be known as Heinzvarietyandall that!

The combination of attention seeking plus an enlarged ego has become normal among the new age Lesbian come Gay society

Hone Hijab Brown - Smith December 15, 2022 at 8:59 pm

Yip, young European girls with 75% European blood want a bit of the Maori wonderfulness… Yet deny they are 76% colonists…. So funny!

On the subject of MAD, SAD, LIFE-WASTING SELF DELUSIONS I believe there is also a thing called ‘transgender’ whereby attention seekers have taken hormones and have had surgery carried out as a result of which they make the absurd claim to have achieved the physical impossibility of having changed from a male human to a woman (or vice versa). However, realising that all this surgery and hormone treatment (if carried out fully) merely leads to having a mutilated, neutered body (that may have the cosmetic appearance of the opposite sex but not its full generative functionality) we now have the even greater absurdity whereby there are some now claiming that if they are male and make a statement that they are a woman (or vice versa) then they are now a member of the opposite sex!! And even more weirdly there are some politicians falling for this nonsense and proposing to make such statements lawfully recognized!! I believe in some countries this may have already happened and as a result it has even got to the situation where some physicians and parents in those countries, far from protecting their children from bizarre, life changing, irreversible physical damage, are advocating for, and giving consent to and carrying out treatment and surgery in the form of giving drugs that cause the children’s puberty to be arrested, of removing (depending on the original sex of the child) perfectly functional breasts or penises, of adding fake vaginas and penises to their bodies, committing them to a lifetime of hormone treatment and all this on teenagers and children under the age of consent (and some as young as 7) who have no possible degree of mature understanding of all that ‘transgender’ entails and its lifelong consequences, and claiming they have done the child the ‘favour’ of mutilating and neutering them for life in the forlorn hope that they will have changed and become a member of the opposite sex!!! I guess, to paraphrase Voltaire slightly, it only goes to show the truth of the adage that “Those who believe absurdities can commit atrocities.” Cheers

Many of them also appear in the media, when photographs of yelling protesters against “Climate Change” are accorded front-page prominence with their badly-worded placards! Similar mental sickness!

This is one of your classic laugh out loud articles. I know you can’t stand Trump, but I laughed so hard when he insisted on calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas, even after being checked on it by a female press officer.

That’s one of your better ones Sir Bob! I laughed out loud at the last paragraph and then got told off by a fat chick in the room after she asked me what I was laughing at!

Non-de-script – obese – with coloured hair – seeking attention. That wouldn’t be a medical “specialist” that our msm used as a go to, to assist the government’s threat to stay inside otherwise we will kill our grannies by any chance?

Yep. Seems to be primarily an affliction of female left wing academics and politicians. Other notables include Elizabeth “Pocohontas” Warren claimed to be Cherokee Indian, and used that to her professional and political advantage. Turns out after DNA testing she had an indeterminate native American component that is 6-10 generations past. That equates to about 1/1024th native American, less than the national population average.
There are many more. Carrie Bourassa being a particularly hilarious example.
There’s a word for it: “Pretendian”. Wikipedia has an interesting article on this phenomenon:

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