The world is drowning in enforced wetness, emanating invariably from central and local government agencies including all government activities, such as schools and universities and not just bureaucracies.

The ultimate is the United Nations and its associated agencies, such as the World Health Organisation. All of these agencies are indisputably on balance a force for good. Conversely, their extreme wetness is not.

The WHO for example, has proposed the replacement of the term monkeypox for Mpox (brace yourself), on the unbelievable grounds of racism.

That is reinventing the language. The word race applies to humans; the equivalent with animals is “species”.

The monkeypox virus was so named because it first occurred with some 300 monkeys in Copenhagen and subsequently spread to humans. This therefore is infantile nonsense.

So what next? Will elephantitis for example, be deemed offensive to elephants? If not, why not?


We have watched here first hand over the last 3 years, just BS

Smallpox and cowpox are to be renamed as they are dwarfist and sexist.

If we told monkeys that we had named a pox after them , do we really think they would care ? My best guess is that they’d just go about their daily business of aping Auckland Warriors rugby league fans .

This is exactly what is wrong with the world – how and why can the WHO waste time thinking about this when their actual priority is people’s health as indicated by their Name – World Health Organisation. If they want to be the worlds political correctness and wet organisation maybe they should change their name and leave the management of the worlds health to grownups!

Yes, we are busy getting protest banners ready for any local monkeys to display when they carry out their protest in front of all the MP’s (Monnkeypoxers) at present not doing enough to prevent Animal racism.

So the spread of Mpox will now be due to Mbusiness by Moofters?

Its all about distraction…

The politicians (bar a very few exceptions) were never good at managing countries, and now they have run them into the ground, are inventing problems to keep themselves in power…

Like this Labour government, most will be running for the hills shortly because they don’t know how manage money responsibly…

Elephantiasis fortunately occurs mostly in half-starved third world countries. If a well-nourished, “salad averse” westerner was to contract it, the results would be very embarrassing.

So if it is eventually proven that Covid-19 ‘jumped’ from bats to humans, then it should be re-named “Batpox”.

Until a Sociology graduate from Massey takes offence on behalf of all bats, and gets it redesignated “Bpox”.

I’m with the elephants on this, either they get equal rights with the monkeys or they pack their trunks and depart this planet. Sort that one out Cindy!!

… and today……the government ……is to give maori….. …… …… another $100 million…

……. because ……. of ……. ……. things.

Yes,amazing how the condition of ” wetness”, finds fertile ground in the minds of many. An insidious tool designed to make us say less about anything that is even slightly controversial.

Would you trust the WHO, who broke with long standing procedure, to name a disease after where it first came from (eg Ebola, Wuhan, etc), to give versions greek letters. No one in WHO knew the greek alphabet well enough to know it had a Xi

I think this ties in to the phenomenon of Economists invariably being wrong. There seems to be no way of adding a measurable metric in to the basic human desire to improve themselves, overcome problems and laugh at life in the face of challenges. This kind of wet, nonsensical and faux “offence taking” as detailed above ignores the robustness of the human spirit. Ergo not only does the reinvention of language seem silly, it also seems alien.

Its all about risk averse culture, and damaging wide society immeasurably.

Those in positions of publicly elected authority are scared shitless about losing their cushy number. In reality, they are dragging us all down to their level, and only a bankrupt state will get rid of these idiots.

They are not leaders, but pampers to those who are a threat to their tax payer funded employment. The elite and rising elite have a lot to answer for, and Esptein provided a big clue as to how these narcissists operate.

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