It’s illegal to incite someone to commit suicide so here’s an interesting proposition.

Imagine the NZ Herald editor writes an end-of-year piece declaring Auckland’s mayor Wayne Brown the Herald’s Aucklander of the year. Their embittered lefty loser contributor Simon Wilson immediately commits suicide, as doubtless he would.

A zealous Police detective then files a criminal charge against the editor for inciting this action.

His argument would have considerable strength given Wilson’s tiresome obsessional envy-based relentless criticism of Brown.

The counter argument is……God knows? However the editor could plead guilty but argue in mitigation the world is now a better place, a proposition that should see the Judge agree and dismiss the charge then order the jury and all present to give the editor a rousing show of applause followed by everyone singing for he’s a jolly good fellow.


Agreed, the man is insufferable. I’M waiting for the portraits in the urinals.

i luv your humour Sir Bob

Glad to see your opinion of Simon is similar to mine, Bob. It’s only such a shameless Leftie like Simon that could find employment within that politically-bribed “industry”!

Brilliant Sir Bob – your clever wit never ceases to inspire and cure us from the socialist dumb-witted woke land of the long dark cloud! You are national treasure. Merry Xmas!

You jest Sir Bob but there is no doubt that the said tosser oaf, Simon Wilson, has a very unhealthy addiction to mayor Wayne Brown. He seems to find it impossible to live one week of his life without writing bizarre crap about him.

Wayne appears to have unwittingly set up residence in Simons head without even having to pay a cent of any rent at all.

I seriously just wish that Wilson could find his way back to the rock that he’s crawled out from under so we don’t have to have our days ruined by reading his continual boring dross.

Interesting he never put the same blowtorch on the wet, wet, wet Goff. Says it all really.

I used to think he was a brainlessly ideological zealot…
But these days at the first sound of his supercilious tones I immediately change stations… its far better for road safety, and I haven’t had to suffer through any of his mindless utterings for ages..

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