In a mindbogglingly inane contributory NZ Herald article Rob Campbell, chairman of Auckland’s casino (among other sinecures) asks, “Who on earth is being hurt by co-governance?”. I’ll answer that by stating the obvious. We all are.

In a democracy the underlying principle is an equal value vote accorded every citizen, regardless of their intellectual differences, contribution to society, ethnicity, and so on.

It’s hard to think of a more disgraceful abuse of this principle than according 50% of governance to an ethnic group that makes up a mere 2% of the population, that is citizens with 50% or more of maori ethnicity. It’s not bloody hard Rob.

Being fashionably trendy about fictitious maori wonderfulness will be the principal reason (among many others) the government will be decimated in the next election.


One can only hope that the incoming government will strip Campbell of his sinecures. He used to be the Right’s pet Lefty but all the adulation seems to have gone to his head.

Well said. You express the sentiments of the majority of New Zealanders. Unfortunately, when we try to express those sentiments, our letter to the editor is not published or we are shut down by talkback hosts worried they will receive the same fate as John Banks for allowing callers to express their opposition to co governance.

How does someone with that lack of perception get to be in such a position? Maybe he just wants to impress certain people and doesn’t actually think – or can’t.7⁶

Although the government might be decimated in this election, I have no confidence that the Maori Wonderfulness BS is likely to disappear anytime soon.

    Very much this. Everyone – left, right or center – is scared of being called a racist for disagreeing with anything Maori, even if it’s a nonsensical BS.

When you are an employee of this dysfunctional state government, logic goes out the window…

There is a serious amount of people not happy with the current state of affairs, and lets not forget what happened during the French Revolution…

    Bring it on. First a street appearance in the local town square in stocks.
    Then a walk to the gallows of some miles in bare feet and with a chain connected to the next lefty that aided and abetted them. The chop.
    We could of course revert to tikanga and just sit them in a line, have a warrior dance along behind them and ask the tribe to decide who goes into the hangi pit for roasting. One bang on the head and it was fait accompli. This truly was the past, which some seem intent on returning too. Well recorded as well.

Clearly Mr. Campbell knows nothing about managing a business therefore chairs a Casino. Otherwise, he would know (you think) that giving away 50% of the shares of said casino to let’s say the “Workers Union” so he can enjoy the wonderfulness of co-governing said Casino with the Union would lead to utter devastation of said Casino. So, I would dare him to ask then “who on earth is being hurt by co-governance?”.

    Well it’s not even that. The share holding is irrelevant.

    It’s having the board made up 50% by people appointed by someone with no way of removing them. You are then completely controlled by those with nothing to lose.

Rob Campbell – the same person who in 2017 said ” New Zealand business is ready for a Labour Government” How did that turn out?

I read Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books years ago, and I remember how he described the city of Ankh-Morpork as having experimented with several forms of government over the centuries, before finally settling on democracy: one man, one vote. The Patrician was the man, and he had the vote. This is the direction co-governance takes us in.

Sir Bob neatly sums it up. I would add a few points. There is no CO-governance. There is just one government in NZ at a time that has all the legal and state powers of any first world government. That government is in charge. The idea of it being CO anything misses the point. Whilst they are in charge-they call the shots. The only moral or political power comes from the electorate. The idea of plonking in a bunch of unelected overseers to pass laws over “everyone else” is appalling. Why not have us plebs all wear yellow stars to make sure the new elite can recognise each other amid the herd?
There are also quite serious practical considerations-has this Campbell idiot noticed what the plans are for water rights?
God save us from fashionable lunatics.

    Ask the people of Tauranga how appalling it is. Non elected highly paid and told what to do by our employees in council. The complete structure needs tearing down.

The new health authority that Rob Campbell currently heads up may well prove short lived..Presumably he’s well covered financially in the event of its early dis-establishment.

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