Periodically, following an accident, we read of someone falling into a coma then coming out of it a year or so later. Imagine such a Rip Van Winkle situation now with someone who say fell into a coma in mid 2020 and waking today.

When this hypothetical R.V.W lost consciousness the nation was under a Stalinist totalitarian control with daily Great Leader TV broadcasts, infantile nonsense about the team of 5 million, a cringing fat woman ringing her hands on television urging us to be kind, all socialising, working (unless a critical service), public gatherings, sport playing and watching, swimming, restaurant patronising, etc, etc, etc, forbidden; in total an unbelievable Orwellian situation enforced on a compliant public at a level not even attained in war-time.

But the nation weakly obeyed because the great Leader knew best and would save us, just as she allegedly had making White Island behave itself.

So our hypothetical Rip Van Winkle emerging from his 2 years long sleep, reads the newspapers and is bewildered. The great Leader as always is there, only advising she’s looking forward to the holidays and playing with her child in the sea. And a small space alongside mentions that currently circa 40,000 citizens are to various degrees from a down-in-the-dumps day or so, hit with Covid and 13 Covid deaths occured in the last week. It’s a miracle. Grown-ups are seemingly now in charge.

In my view those years marked the most shameful period in our history. That’s not being wise after the event.

On this site in March, 2020 I forecast that when it’s all done and dusted the world will acknowledge the virtue of Sweden’s living with covid approach, with of course appropriate cautions.

That is precisely what eventually occurred, including here in New Zealand. As Britain’s Daily Telegraph editorialised, the world owes Sweden an apology.

But there’s a difference. Most of the world came to its senses after a few months. Here we stretched the disgraceful Stalinist control out for almost 3 years.

When John Key condemned our hermit kingdom a year back he was borrowing from that week’s Economist. In a feature article on dealing with covid The Economist raised the two options, namely live with it and get on with life or go to the other extreme like New Zealand and create a hermit kingdom, which we alone did.

We’re in for a tough few years with hyper-inflation, surging crime (given the unsurprising current passive Government and judicial approach) and coping with the massive debt taken aboard to cover the nation’s close-down for 2 years. Thank God for sport to liven our lives.


Re ramraiders and the likes, I like the proposal that their heads be shaved, They are dressed in prison overalls and be handcuffed together for a court appearance , worth a try.

Of course the subservient population were always being told to ‘Trust the Science’ and anybody who questioned the methodology were silenced. It was the silencing that got to me.
anyway on the Trust the Science note here is a Brett Weinstein podcast discussing the use of circular logic to prove vaccines work as per latest headlines.

Successive politicians have used money printing and short term solutions to keep themselves in power. With the balance sheets of most governments now in ruins, its time for them to swallow their own medicine..

As they say, ‘Nothing like a recession to cleanse the system’.

Quite. At the time, what you wrote was revolutionary and incendiary, despite being little more than common sense. Perhaps common sense is not so common after all – especially in the midst of mass hysteria? In March 2020, when you wrote the Covid post in question, a poll showed that a staggering 93% of respondents agreed with the government’s Stalinist approach.

Stuff at the time wouldn’t publish any of my dissenting comments. Apparently, twitter and facebook were also censored, with any alternative viewpoint vaporised. You were virtually the only commentator in New Zealand who dared to walk your own step. It was indeed the most shameful period in New Zealand’s history…

Be prepared for a load of geese to start squawking about Covid deaths per million. The fact is that most studies of lockdowns have concluded that they caused a net loss of life, due to the cancelling of cancer screenings et al. This is before the human right outrages and economic consequences are added to the mix of the total costs of emulating Comrade Stalin’s approach. New Zealand did not conduct any cost / benefit analysis at all.

Are there any silver linings from this Boschian nightmare?

We will go into a massive recession. The silver lining here is it will show the socialists, and everyone else, that actions have consequences.

The silveriest of silver linings is that Cindy Ardern is soon going to have more time to spend with her family. Satan works in mysterious ways…

I would like to thank you for your almost three-year long effort to bring rationality and logic into the Covid debate.

Merry Christmas!

Us older people need to say thank you to younger New Zealanders, as they will be paying goff all the debt that has been incurred

Totally agree. I suggest that over the next 12 months the mass media will slowly acknowledge some of what you are saying. And the increasing questioning, particularly by De Santis in Florida and Dr Aseem Mahotra in the UK, of the jabs will create a new round of bed wetting by the leftist central planners. It’s now very clear the NZ COVID response and mandated jabbing was a complete circus (to say the least).

I reckon many Xmas gatherings this year will be rather strained. The old I told you so will be met with a stony silence and most probably behind a mask as well.
Many Karen’s and Kens will be running around campsites and boat ramps and other places of enjoyment bellowing out at people telling them to wear their masks and so on.

What fun.

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