Enoch Powell is best remembered for his famous observation that all political careers end in failure.

Were he alive today he’d doubtless have one specially for Latin America, namely that all political careerists end in prison.

I first travelled everywhere in Latin America half a century back and have been back numerous times. I’d wager that over that period more than half of the continent’s Presidents and Prime Ministers have ultimately been imprisoned, and with bloody good cause.


Many of his other pointed and widely rubbished observations at the hands of the lovies have proven to be absolutely correct

Actually the South Koreans have a pretty good record for locking up their presidents too. 🙂

We have some here that definitely need imprisonment, preferably today

Fifty years? Try a century, as I noted in a post,
Latin America La La Land
, the Australian poet “Banjo” Patterson had them pegged in 1892:

Did you ever hear tell of Chili? I was readin’ the other day
Of President Balmaceda and of how he was sent away.
It seems that he didn’t suit ’em — they thought that they’d like a change,
So they started an insurrection and chased him across the range.

And the man that goes out of office, he goes for the boundary quick,
For there isn’t no vote by ballot — it’s bullets that does the trick

I thought his “rivers of blood” was the quote for which he was most famous.

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