The Australian Financial Review recently ran a lengthy interview with the Commonwealth Bank Head of Technology Jesse Arundel, as part of a summer series on such types the AFR viewed as comers.

It transpired Arundel’s major accomplishment in 2022, was reading 30 books and he waffled on about the methods he’d adopted to accomplish this personally unprecedented feat. For me to read only 30 books in a year I’d have to be in a coma for 9 months or more.

To make it worse, his reading was all non-fiction so-called business books, or in other words basically hack journalism. Sadly, that’s not uncommon, 80% of fiction now being read by women according to a recent survey. Unless this changes they’re destined to rule the world.

Mind you, that’s assuming there’s still a world to rule as it’s the Arundels dullards of the contemporary western world and other advanced economies who are behind the booming growth in lesbianism and thus the falling population as women flee and who can blame them?


I blame the trendy concept of toxic masculinity for the ongoing emasculation of the male gender. Lefties are trying to convert males into effeminate fools who can’t repair a tap or change a fuse.

Agreed…women are definitely making their presence felt; driven by an education system which now favours them, including that they enjoy reading more than blokes.

In my experience, they are more risk averse, and if your after career advancement, and got a woman boss, look for another place of employment. They seem to be always fighting amongst themselves, and their friendships never seem to recover from this. My qualifications are I have three daughters.

While some males need to grow balls, we may still have our place, unless democracy is taken over by them…

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