Two days before Christmas, the subbie buffoon at the Australian Financial Review gave us these two pearls of incompetence.

The first about a CEO of the collapsed crypto FTX’s associated company Alameda, namely Caroline Ellison, read,

“Alameda’s Ellison pleads guilty to fraud. Faces 110 years in jail.”

Caroline is 28 years old. She does not face 110 years in jail unless she lives to 138. She faces such a sentence, which is a very different proposition.

In the same issue and probably the same sub-editor goose, another heading read, “The future is now and politics has to cope with the consequences”.

It’s impossible for the future to be now for if so, then it’s no longer the future.

The daily incompetence of the dying print media seemingly knows no bounds. Such headings would be inconceivable three decades back.


The demise of the English language is now rampant …. it began in the 1980s and has accelerated because the source and structure of the language has been ignored within the education system; I’m a retired teacher seen as a relic of a bygone era but I still recognise an adverb and an adverbial phrase!

Can “demise” be “rampant?” Further evidence of the collapse of standards, perhaps?

You can see it daily in our own so called newspapers. Breaks instead of brakes, when writing about a road incident. Numerous other spelling and grammatical errors which would’ve been cause for extra homework or worse when I was at primary school.

110 years in jail 🙂 . Aussie have a way with humor., and maybe this is an opinion on the instability of crypto currency – who knows?
“The future is now”, probably means there is unpredictability for all of us. I think this may be true.
Are moko tattoos to become mandatory for young women in the future – who knows?
Will the Chinese ban it when they take NZ over in “the future” – who knows ?

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