Doubtless many New Zealanders read with disbelief the report of 15 teenagers, most aged about 14 and one 19, savagely attacking and injuring passengers and the driver on a Lower Hutt bus, this according to the driver’s union spokesman, now a regular event over the past year.

This garbage mob of losers congregate in central Lower Hutt near the shopping mall and last featured in the news in November for brutally attacking two teenage girls waiting in the central city bus shelter. On that occasion the authorities blamed the bus shelter for existing and had it punished by demolishing it.

No excuse for this latest outrage has been aired so far, but then again there’s no need. The catch-all alibi of this lot being victims of colonialism as always in recent years should suffice.

They can look forward to welfare-sated existences and regular terms of incarceration, all at great cost to the wider public. But the biggest losers will be they themselves, wasting the only lives they’ll ever have.


The problem is this lot know no better, and the byproduct of socialism brought on by poor governance and these so called entrepreneurs who make a living out of advertising this stuff on media in all forms.

Unfortunately it going to get worse before it gets better, until those in control can’t find a safe place to live…

What I and we now know Democracy has a used by date…

Wayne Senior Fairbrother January 18, 2023 at 9:02 am

The cane seems to make this sort of crime extremely unusual in Singapore. If colonialism, harsh upbringings, and poverty cause offending, one would expect our Courts to be choked with refugee immigrants, many of whom had it far worse than our homegrown ferals. Strangely enough they aren’t. We should be asking what makes our ferals so different, and stop finding irrational excuses for criminal offending.?

Harsh crimes deserve harsh punishment. Bring back corporal punishment, capital punishment even! You’ll only give out one death penalty to stop this stuff. There needs to be severe consequences for this anti-social behaviour. At the moment there’s nothing for the criminal that reflects the experience of the victim.

    I agree. The government needs to stop treating the perpetrator as the victim & stop this racist separatism. If they want a fight send them to the Ukraine & they will find out about life being tough. Picking on innocent people makes them feel powerful but they are not. They are pathetic.

This is Labor at its best (worst). Need to say anything else?

It’s rampant in Masterton. No one knows what to do.

One of the functions of the police is to “keep the peace”. This is cearly not happening, this bus outrage and the Mongrel Mob at Chridtchurch Hospital being simply two further examples. If the police are not keeping their side of the social contract, how long before we see vigilante justice taking over? I am not advocating for this, but fear it will be an inevitable result.

Agree with Wayne. The cane was a seriously effective behaviour modifier during my time in secondary school. It’s continued use in Singapore (and Malaysia too I believe) is a formal expression of civic disapproval. It hurts but is not harmful. Recipients of judicial caning do not line up to repeat the experience.

Perhaps Billy Graham needs to encourage a few of his boys to start riding the bus to Naenae.

Anyone remember the Guardian Angels in New York? I was there is 1980 and they made a difference.

There is a crisis of leadership cowardice (AKA gutlessness) in this country. It starts in the Beehive and permeates the wider Public Service. Organised gangs and juvenile gang-related behaviour continue to prosper in New Zealand when it is well within the power of the elected Government to shut such activity down once and for all? The Police need to stop being precious and toughen up. And if the law needs changing, change it!

Because the NZ Police & Judiciary aren’t dealing to the offenders and their offending, it won’t be vigilante action, but what sjhould have happened in the first place.

well children
you wanted it
you got it

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