About 18 months back when Labour was riding high, I predicted on this Blog that Labour would be swept out in 2023 in a landslide and that Jacinda would announce her resignation, around year end in 2022. At the time I was mocked but it’s now happened and frankly, wasn’t hard to predict.

Watch now for numerous retirement announcements from cabinet ministers and Labour MPs alike, including Jacinda, who will not savour the years of opposition awaiting them.

I believe Labour will do very well to keep 20 seats, all urban, but more likely a rump of 15, mostly screaming no-hopers with no outside job options.

The Greens will benefit from this, so too probably NZ First, albeit both ineffectually on the side.

History will record this government as by far the worst in the post-war era. They’ve been disastrously incompetent, financially reckless and brought terrible damage to the social fabric and our democracy with their nonsensical co-government outrage based on sheer lies.

I say all of that as a cynic about National governments and as someone on record who has always claimed Labour governments have made New Zealand as they’re ideas people, not afraid of necessary change. But I’ve always qualified that by saying never allow them more than two terms. That’s when madness ensues. Thank God to all intents and purpose they’re now gone.

P.S. An added benefit of this event will be for Herald readers as the insufferable Simon Wilson will be bereft and probably suicidal. He won’t be missed.


I just drove through Ponsonby and there are traffic jams to the bottle stores who stock champagne in central Auckland , the restaurants are packed with people celebrating ….. A weight has been lifted of the middle class shoulders .
Personally I think fact we are now running out of beer due to Co2 debacle was the last straw for Jacindas voters and the polling told her as much. No beer on top of no eggs, goat tracks for roads over holidays to boat ramps, was too much even for die hard labour voters

Probably see a lot if not all the Māori labour MPs resign and throw their support in behind Mana & Māori parties, who will more than likely join forces. Waitangi and the Ratana weekend’s will be interesting.

Big party kicking off next door and they never have midweek parties. For the first time in a very long time I am feeling positive. Now tucking into a lovely sparkling rose. Life is good. Well done with your prediction, Sir.

Far from mocking, most of the comments were along the lines of “Oh please I hope you are correct.”
The question now is: Who will accept the poisoned chalice? Hipkins is the logical choice which means he has no hope and Kiri Allan could be the identity politics pick to double down on the retail politics cult of personality that worked so well with head girl. Until it didn’t.

Great prediction, but probably easy for a guy who has followed so many election cycles. Sure hope your prediction of a 15% inflation rate doesn’t come true, but the economic destruction and social divisiveness that Adern’s government has created will mean it will go down as one of our worst in history. They have been completely incompetent and lacked contemplative thought. Quick thinkers but not deep thinkers which has been a disaster as they will leave our Country in one hell of a mess.

Hipkins, Allan or Mahuta for PM. Though if Hipkins gets top job, some of the others might have to work for a change.

Full credit to JA for doing 5 hard years with mainly a bunch of numpties in support. She now has Prime Minister of New Zealand on her CV and that is not to be sneezed at; plenty of highly paid opportunities offshore when she is ready to take that on (if that is what she wants to do) Auntie Helen will be waiting in the wings with the plane tickets. One hopes that the Greenies will fade off into the sunset as they have been able to do a lot of damage while sitting in the wings (killed off Taranaki & oil exploration, farm CO2 ideology, tree planting that never happened, and the re-naming of New Zeland by stealth)

So right jonny, many of my friends opened the bubbly.

I noted Helen Clark said Jacinda had unprecedented threats, probably from the beer drinkers, but in contrast, nearly all the interviewed handed out accolades. David Seymour was the only presenter that I saw that told it like it was.

It’s the rat leaving the sinking ship, but my bet is she will fill her tank again. I have always thought her act of loveliness was aimed at a Nobel Peace prize. Looks like she may have to be content with a job at the UN or other.

Publishers will be suggesting she could write a book – Spare Me Too

The people in this mad government MUST be held accountable for the shocking mess they have created.
WHY WHY WHY should they now be leave the mess for National to clean up and do the hard yards.
WHY should they all be given cushy numbers overseas while the country struggles to clean up their mess???

Left media comment.
” an orchestrated campaign of hatred against the prime minister ”


yes……from 98% of the population

Last night,I read dozens of opinions,some for her,others not. What I did notice was the almost universal low esteem afforded to the National Party.One opinion, possibly from a farmer, mentioned the number of celebratory parties that would be held to celebrate the occasion.The next opinion said yes, and they will biff all their rubbish and left overs into the nearest river. How others see others!

I agree that often a Labour Government can have ideas, and when implemented, can be a catalyst for meaningful change e.g. the Labour Government 1984-1987.

This current government also has plenty of ideas. Unfortunately they were all bloody stupid ones. I have never seen a more hapless bunch of incompetent, blundering idiots than this lot.

To cap it off they were led by a vacuous, disingenuous, controlling, patronising, ego driven prime minister who by a considerable margin is the worst prime minister in my lifetime.

I have to say that upon hearing the wonderful news that she had thrown in the towel, obviously because of her plummeting popularity, I drank myself into insensibility. Such occasions merit considerable drunkenness.

Atdens resignation was very predictable, and not dissimilar to the motives of John Key. Protecting the brand future.

Without question, Arden was an effective communicator. Her experience or lack of experience was her downfall. Her choice of caucas and the division they have caused got away from her, and turned into a train wreck.They captured the media with their COVID-19 slush fund resulting in alternative opinions being shut down…

Letsood hope her caucas extremists who care only for their self inflated egos, disappear also…so public servants are chosen on merit, rather than some BS quota..

100% spot on Bob!!!

Chippie is about to start axing unpopular and expensive policies in a last gasp effort to save his cushy job at the election. On the block: 5 Waters, RNZ TVNZ Merger, Unemployment Insurance, Light Rail.

When all is over and done, what will Labour have to show for its two terms, the second being of unbridled power? I can’t think of a single item of transformative impact that they’ve implemented.

On second thought I am being unfair. They did unilaterally destroy the NZ Oil and Gas exploration industry, shutdown the mining of relatively clean NZ coal, and lead NZ to record imports of dirty Malaysian coal. Our school literacy and numeracy measures are at an all time low, and we are as a nation angry and poor. Child poverty is as bad as ever and houses have lost value but high interest rates make them still as unaffordable as ever.

Bravo, Labour. Bravo.

In some ways it’s sad, as i don’t doubt that Miss Adern began her stint as PM believing she could make a difference to the inequality that Labour feels is the root cause of a troubled society.
However clearly this Labour government simply believes everything they hear about white male privilege being the cause of all of society’s ills.
Roll on the election,

So here we are 5 days latter. Media still clearly favouring labour & espousing accolades towards the new PM Hipkins and his right hand lefty Carmel Sepuloni as deputy dog. Their smooth transition between PMs and floor less spin during their acceptance speeches can only be compared to the successful evacuation of Gallipoli after a disastrous and unsuccessful battle as a result of incompetent leadership. And yet, just as we’ve been indoctrinated with over the past 5 years, they’re still being pumped up by media as a slick new team with potential to claw back voters. Already, short of memory & intelligence, these potential voters like what they see, obviously forgetting the complete failures of Hipkins with his previously held portfolios. Yet another sign of incompetence was the admission Hipkins was handing his Minister of Police portfolio back to Stuart Nash, previously taken from Nash due to his incompetence and poor handling, then given to Poto Williams, whom due to her incompetence & poor handling was then replaced by Hipkins. A full cycle of incompetence.
Yet, this is still the National Parties election to loose, full of criticism but without the detail in their solutions. Luxon needs to pull finger and start providing the voters with valid inspirational solutions & strength or else risk another 3 years of radical socialism. We’re at a dangerous crossroad with a point of no return.

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