The New Zealand Herald reported last week that “The Police are seeking a chubby man in his 20s”, following an assault.

That description would fit at least 50,000 Aucklanders. My advice to the Police is to arrest the lot for even if not the bloke they’re looking for, they can charge them all with offensive behavior given their eyesore effect on everyone else.


carefully staying away from skin colour – unless of course Caucasian

I wouldn’t leave Wellington out of the weight stakes Sir Bob I remember two well-known Wellingtonians who sailed in an R Class Yacht total of 34 stone plus. Always well ahead in a Wellington gale.

Next time in Auckland disguise yourself in a tracksuit and visit base price supermarkets in west and south Auckland. Yet we are repeatedly told that the groups most affected find it difficult to put food on the table. (Most seems to be eaten out of a box, can or plastic container)

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