“The Warehouse starts selling fresh fruit, veges”

The above, a recent Stuff site heading, reflecting the financially pressed Stuff’s inability to afford competent sub-editors. There are two possible interpretations from that heading for it to be justified as news.

One is that hitherto the Warehouse sold stale fruit and veges.

The other is if Stuff considers this innocuous announcement to be news, it’s because they believe other retailers sell stale fruit and veges.

On the same day that appeared Stuff advised in another heading that one reason for the cyclone was oceans becoming wetter (I’m not making this up).  This was quoting a Niwa ocean researcher Erik Behrens.

A competent sub-editor would have rephrased Behren’s statement. Water cannot become wetter.

Apparently what he meant was the oceans are being subject to greater rainfalls.


I’m surprised you bother to read Stuff’s nonsense, Bob! Regurgitated NZ Herald rubbish!

I abandoned the local news services some years ago and your critique of their ineptitude confirms my action. Thank you.

Well, at least we know who’s getting wetter. And at least they didn’t say, ‘ … warehouse moving into the greengrocer space’. I often wonder how these people get jobs. It is easy to write badly and only a grammar guide is needed to write properly.

Greater rain falls?.. there is a finite total amount of water in the atmosphere and in the sea combined. No more no less.
It mat concentrate itself in one area…

“Fresh” means compared to frozen or tinned, not stale

Water can become wetter. It’s measured by the surface tension. Adding detergent lowers the surface tension and makes the water wetter.

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