When I suggested recently that the media ask Chris Hipkins, why given our current record covid infection numbers and deaths, if it was a good idea to throw the country into a ludicrously punitive lockdown in 2020, 2021 and 2022, it’s not now?

Some readers wrote saying now everyone who wants to be is vaccinated. But that was also the case in 2021 and 2022 (Auckland remember, was closed down until late last year).

Here’s the latest Health Department statistics. 2.2 million New Zealanders have now had covid.

Last week that number rose by 8,400. A total of 2513 people have died. These statistics make a mockery of the situation in 2020, 2021 and 2022 and the much vaunted elimination claim.

The lockdown oppression years were the most disgraceful event in New Zealand’s history. They had Orwellian Big Brother overtones, were a massive abuse of political power and frequently downright sadistically cruel.

Flogging an infantile advertising message in the media and on our highways to “Be Kind”, the government authors of this hypocritically didn’t apply it to their own actions, for example, denying the right for people to visit their dying partners a mile away in hospital. I could go on but the salient point is instead of trying to puff up Hipkins, such as with the “Chippy” nonsense while constantly rubbishing the National leader, how about the lap-dog media asking Hipkins why, if it was right to impose a draconian lockdown on the nation over the past two years, is it not right to do so now?


2.2million people have now had covid? Add at least 1 more (i.e. me) to that number as I had a touch of covid and did not report it, and I think that others did not report too.

i think i read the only thing that would save this Labour government in the next election would be akin to another Christchurch earthquake .they have been delivered it on a platter with cyclone gabrielle. National are sunk unfortunately

Brilliant Bob!

Exactly. Lost all trust. I haven’t watched TV or read any MSM for years…

… ”why, if it was right to impose a draconian lockdown on the nation over the past two years, is it not right to do so now?”

Because it wasn’t.

But nobody’s got the plums to say so, as they know it’d be political suicide.

The probability of a person being admitted to Hospital decreased significantly after their second vaccine dose, which most people did not receive until late 2021, hence why lock downs were still required. Without lock downs, the New Zealand hospital system would not have managed and we would of had at least 8,000 more Covid deaths. There were no lock downs in 2022.

And he (CH) was there smiling by her side and part of it all, then becoming her new spokesperson, with surprisingly similar painful facial gestures and platitudes and bs that she spouted. I didn’t report my ‘case’, and in fact prefer the policy of don’t even test then you don’t know you have it.

On 17 Aug 21, the Government locked NZ up, because there was 1 case of covid in NZ

The number of “active” cases had a few ups and downs and peaked at 3592 on 17 Nov 21 and stayed above 3300, until
The lock up was removed on 3 Dec 21, number of cases was 3282
The number of cases quickly dropped, by 7 Dec 21, the number of cases had dropped to under 3000
By 18 Dec 21 the number had dropped to under 2000
By 13 Jan 22 the number had dropped to 1035

This suggests the lockdown was effective (in increasing cases)

Deaths in New Zealand have increased by 10% over the last year. This is not due to Covid related deaths, but due to the fact people were unable to receive proper medical treatment they required during the lock downs.
Meaning urgent surgeries were cancelled, medical treatments were cancelled, many illnesses went un-diagnosed and don’t forget the 52 doctors , 500 nurses and 87 mid wives that lost jobs due to the Government mandates.

The same applies to blanket MIQ restrictions too, something Hipkins was in charge of.

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