I’m refraining from comment on the cyclone as it’s gaining justified massive coverage in all media.


It’s terrible. And what can you say anyway. We can just donate and hope that the clean up doesn’t take too long, hope and pray for the best outcome for them all. Those looters sicken me to the pit of my stomach and I hope they get what’s coming.

Thanks for your comment,Bob.!

I remember reading a contemporary account of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Looters were shot on sight by police, as were a couple of arsonists. No idea if that was true or not, but that’s what it said.

The army and navy should be in there from day one helping these people. And as for the looters ,they should be flogged .And i hear today that they are going to rename EQC,What a waste of money and effort..What a sad Country we have become. Wake up NZ

Defence Force is in there in a major way and has been from the earliest possible moment

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