Kenya’s President William Ruto has called for a National Day of Prayer to end the drought.

“We have seeds, fertiliser and water harvesting strategies. We now need God to send us rain”, Ruto said.

Given these skybayers believe God is perfect in every sense and calls all the shots on earthly events, this leaves me puzzled. If I was God I’d be outraged at the impertinence of these buggers telling me I’d got it wrong in delivering a drought. I imagine the allegedly infallible God chap will inflict further divine wrath in punishment, and quite right too.

In line with his earthly spokesman’s advise about the poor automatically cracking it with entry to eternal paradise while the odds for the rich equate the chances of a camel going through the eye of a needle, one would assume the prospect of starving to death should appeal.

A slight flaw in this proposition though is the safe assumption that no camel in history has ever entertained a wish to go through the eye of a needle.


Firstly; only through Christ does anyone get entry to heaven, secondly the Eye of a needle is a reference to a gate so named in the then City of Jerusalem, thirdly the King called for a National day of prayer when his army was trapped at Dunkirk and the Nation went down on its knees. Perhaps it’s time New Zealand did the same.

    To get through the Eye of the Needle at Jerusalem the camel had to be stripped of its load and stoop to be led though the opening. It’s worth having a better understanding of the context before dissing the analogy!

    Dunkirk? I would rely on the old adage of praise the lord but pass the ammunition. In respect to the quote-It may be attributed to “Jesus” if such a figure existed, but is certainly just a quote from the Talmud pinched by the Catholics as is their wont. Usually to shut the poor up when they complained about how rich the Church was.

The Eye of a Needle was a narrow gateway into Jerusalem. Probably didn’t have the darning tool back then when this comment is claimed to be made

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