Canadian historian and commentator Gwynne Dyer is an outstanding political commentator whose articles are published in 45 countries including occasionally here in the NZ Herald.

A recent one commenting on the likelihood of a war with China over Taiwan had an amusing opening paragraph.

“I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me we will fight with China in 2025”, declared US Air Force General Mike Minihan last weekend. He didn’t mention what his elbow told him or if he ever consulted his head on the matter”.


Theres no doubt in my mind the US interests want a war….but China will be smart enough to avoid one….

We are witnessing the US empire going through the same thing that happened to the Roman empire…where they got too greedy for their own good…

Maybe Minihan had wind, hence the affected gut only. I would certainly get the wind up at the thought of war against China.

I never take my gut seriously , it does gurgle from time to time , but otherwise it is fairly stupid . At 62 years old , and it still hasn’t mastered the basics of English yet . I am deeply disappointed in it , frankly .

The Americans are always looking for a fight, it keeps their economy going. Their navy is everywhere including the south CHINA sea, imagine if the chinese navy were cruising up and down off the coast of California the Americans would be most upset, they were very upset when the Russians parked their missiles in Cuba in 1962

Outstanding? Dyer didn’t think Ukraine would be invaded.

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