If I was a current Opposition Party Leader, below are some of the policies I’d initially announce to get the ball rolling.

  1. Hold a referendum asking New Zealanders whether they want a name change for the nation. If more than half vote yes, a Commission will be established to receive public submissions on a new name and put the most popular three to a vote at the next election.

NOTE: I’m on record over the years pointing out the historic silliness of our country’s name.


2. Legislation will be introduced making all public offices subject to a democratic vote, namely one for each adult. It will be illegal for government to make appointments, provide services and rights on ethnicity grounds, thus abolish the maori seats which if initially desirable, are now unnecessary.

3. The previous laws against begging on our streets will be resurrected, just as they are being in many European nations, with others planning to do so.

It’s a degrading spectacle to see obese, circa 30 year old maori males lying on our streets, a paper cup in one hand and a cell-phone in the other. We have a generous welfare society, hand in hand with a massive labour shortage, notably in low-skilled work. These parasitical bums degrade themselves and our society by their presence.

4. There will be an immediate halt to the ludicrous cone situation clogging our roads in town and country. This is a recent years phenomenon, has never happened before and occurs no-where else in the world. Henceforth cones will be confined to 20 metres on each end of actual active work.

5. Re-introduce the 3 strikes law as part of a more punitive approach to criminal activity.

6. Open the doors wide to migrants. We’re an underpopulated nation with considerable labour shortages.

Target in particular Asian migrants as the evidence clearly shows they bring their cultures of industry, honesty and economic independence. The last three decades Asian migration to New Zealand has been the best single thing to happen to New Zealand in its history.

7. Ban working from home with public servants. The evidence from abroad from the private sector, overwhelmingly shows this to be nonsense.

8. In election years, make it compulsory for the public radio and television broadcasters to provide equal time for Oppositions to comment on issues with the same time provided for the government spokespersons. In the interest of sustaining freedom of thought, this would not apply to privately owned media. But neutrality must apply to the publicly owned media.

9. Introduce a 3 months lifetime limit on unemployment benefits for able-bodied healthy individuals.

10. Pay university fees for students in their years of study from their second years onward, subject to them receiving good results after their first year and thereafter.


Absolutely on the money

You’ve got my vote.


An excellent start

Far too much commonsense for New Zealanders to comprehend. My dentist has had four families tell him in the past fortnight to delete them from future appointments texts. They’re all Australia bound so their children receive an education.

robertrothburykinrosscom February 23, 2023 at 9:59 am

Absolutely agree.

I hope National read this.

These policies are way too sensible to be acceptable.

Excellent plans. I’d add a RICO type act to crush gangs. All these so called sickness beneficiaries driving $90k harley’s etc.

While the cones are an obvious eye sore they do have a function. To make it safe for roadside workers (cellphones or not ;). Remember the fireman who was killed a few years back while attending an accident? Make it 50 meters..
Quite happy myself with a low population density, especially given we have a high level of unemployment. I wonder about reducing the benefit by 10% after every 6 months. There are issues around taking on temporary work not actually being financially sensible for people on benefits, so there is a need for some fine tuning to the system.
Regarding university, I’d make social ‘sciences’ and humanities majors only available to scholarship passes. All university students to take a second language. And wonder if bonding students to work at placed positions for the same number of years as studies before they go overseas? Similar to the old nursing and teaching systems. Not sure about the funding, obviously has to be dependent on passing grades, but for some (those not coming from a tertiary educated family background, if you follow..) the perception of financial risk probably is already a major deterrence so there is a need to help at the first year level.

Working from home, an oxymoron if ever there was one!

Having actually worked on the roads in the past, number (4) should be 100 meters I’m sorry to say. You forgot to factor in the blind stupidity of many New Zealand drivers.

Number (6), skilled immigrants or at least well educated. I’m sure you meant that but I thought I’d pop it in anyway.

Number (10), “vege” degrees excluded from all polytechs.

As usual, you’re on the money. What a shame so many politicians aren’t.

Maybe it time for a “New Zealand Party” mk2 manifesto to be circulated with a warning, pick these up National/ACT or else 😎

11. Provide discounted one way air fares and subsidized freight services for those people wanting to leave who can’t believe the country is so stupid and so naive these options have to be pointed out by the very few remaining with some common sense.
This country is called New Zealand

Rapidly reduce the public service to 2015 levels, then have a shrinking lid policy beyond.
Annually adjust tax brackets by the COL

12. Limit the term an MP can stand to 6; possibly 9 years. This will discourage useless people from making a career out of it (which is what we have now)…

Yes,that`s a good start Sir Bob.All we have to do now is to talk you into taking over as National Party Leader for the next term.

Sir Bob – you got my first ever vote back in 1984. Stand again and I’ll give you another big tick.

Sooooo much common sense BJ!!!!

Great comments Sir Bob, hope you emailed it to Luxon, he needs all the help in can get.

What we really need is a Waitangi Treaty Perspective Act defining what parties most certainly understood at the time and recognising the vastly changed circumstances, including mixed tribal and European blood and effective near natural negation of specific tribal influence of tribal chiefs. If maori had realised that becoming British citizens meant provided housing, payment for not working (which they did not do anyway), rewards for more children, free medical care etc, even Tuhoe would have clamoured to sign.

All hail Sir Bob!

One more policy, a tax on property

Any referendum must be at least 60% to achieve a change

The only point that I can disagree with you about is point 8. My disagreement isn’t with regards to what you advocate, but rather your acceptance of the status quo.

Under a CAKE government, there wouldn’t be such an institution as State media.

I would privatise it all – lock, stock and barrel. Sell it for $1, if necessary – ideally to Murdoch.

There is serious danger of corruption when State media is funded by the government for propaganda purposes, as we are currently experiencing with our Team of $55 million.

I resent being forced to pay for left-wing propaganda that disgusts me.

I pray that National / ACT make it stop, but I fear that they are too cowardly.

They are all commonsense suggestions but unfortunately not enough voters are prepared to understand why this agenda should be adopted.
Generally speaking We are a “ politically illiterate nation

Councillor Ray Chung March 28, 2023 at 4:53 pm

Excellent article thank you Bob

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