There’s no doubt Parliament represents a true cross-section of society, rather than being an elitist institution of our finest minds as some idealists might wish. So at one end of the spectrum over the years, there’s been some truly ghastly buggers in the House, who somehow have made it there, albeit inevitably coming a cropper. Thus it came as no great shock to read that the abominable Jamie Lee Ross’s current career is running a brothel. Unsurprisingly, he’s even cocked that up which is why this latest vocation choice came to light. He will doubtless continue to entertain us in the years ahead with his ongoing slide down the social scale.

Then there’s the ghastly mincing Greens ponce, Ricardo Menendez-March. In his maiden speech he told the House how he was deeply affected by watching Winston Peters and me slam into Chinese migration on television; that assertion a total fiction.

I seriously doubt there’s been any greater advocate for Chinese migrants than me over the past three decades. When this was pointed out he treated it as a joke.

Now he’s at it again, calling for a British woman called Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, who for whatever reason calls herself Posie Parker, to be banned from New Zealand, or needless to say, in his words, Aotearoa.

Parker is an anti-transgender activist and of course, is in good company with the likes of hugely respected JK Rowling and others who express legitimate concerns about this issue.

As a libertarian I feel it’s nobody’s business if some females feel they’re really blokes and vice-versa. But some of these sadly confused souls make it everyone’s business with their ludicrous claims that feeling they’re really the opposite sex is sufficient to make that a reality, and it’s that, like Rowling, I oppose as it becomes an issue with women’s sport, prisons, toilets and so on.

Menendez-March’s call for the ban is because, he says, that Parker speaking in New Zealand will cause riots. If that occurs it will solely because those who disagree with her advocacy cause them.

He reflects the Green Party’s current true nature, namely a controlling socialist mentality. If they stuck to legitimate Green issues they’d command significantly greater support notwithstanding their current leaders and MPs being a pretty unimpressive lot.


You must be pulling your punches with your comment on Ricardo Menendez-March. You are far too generous.

Well Said Bob!
You may recall that I came to this country to open up an airline back in 1978. The country was well administered and despite what anybody thought of Muldoon his “Think Big” ideas brought everything from an influx of overseas dollars to ideas like the Marsden Point refinery. Now, more than 40 years on the country is basically operating at a third world level. Like many others I am seriously thinking of heading for Australia for my last few years. Any thoughts? Could you use your crystal ball, look to the future, and convince me otherwise! Sure would value your opinion.

It is so refreshing to ready your straightforward and logical appraisal of issues.

Spot on Bob. But not only are some of the transgender activists invading the spaces of women (and sometimes maliciously so) and demanding that the rest of us agree with their preposterous claim that some who were men have now become women (or vice versa) and that they should have the legal and other rights to invade the opportunities and educational and medical facilities etc, of their adopted sex, but also we have some (including in the medical profession – and some politicians) demanding that it be permissible to chemically castrate children (some as young as 6 or 7 years old), mutilate them (by cutting out perfectly good body parts) and put them on a lifetime of hormones because ‘they believe they are a member of the opposite sex’. As Bill Maher so eloquently put it when he pointed out 7 year olds are way too immature to understand the full implications of who they want to be – ‘if we listened to what 7 year olds wanted to be then the world would be full of princesses and cowboys’!! And as he further said – ‘I’m glad my parents didn’t listen to me as a 7 year old because I wanted to be a pirate – I’m glad they didn’t gouge out one of my eyes and cut off one of my legs’!! Cheers

The Greens should be called The Watermelons. Green outside-Red to the core.

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