I’m cheering on the legitimate legal assaults on Trump whose public office term was both a stain on American history and an indictment on democracy, despite its accepted shortcomings.

That said, I’m baffled by the latest legal move against him by the authorities, namely that he indirectly paid US $130,000 hush money a few days before the 2016 election, to a porn actress calling herself Stormy Daniels, to buy her silence re a single sexual encounter a dozen years earlier.

The authorities claim the payment constituted an illegal use of campaign money which expenditure must be declared. The payment was made by Trump’s then sleazy lawyer Michael Cohen who was later reimbursed by Trump, he asserting from his private funds.

This seems incredibly petty and in my view, damaging to the legitimate legal offences being pursued against Trump. It will reinforce the view plainly held by the sizeable Trump fan-base of halfwits, that their hero as an anti-establishment figure, is a victim of unjustified persecution.

That said, despite his delusions Trump will never be President again. What he may achieve, if not selected as the nominee which is probable, running as an independent and ensuring a Democrat win. But even if he doesn’t do that his followers will not accept another Republican candidate and thus stay away, again ensuring a Democrat victory.


Trump was elected President because the other option was Hillary. Trump lost 2nd time because the USA preferred this current one. Shows just how bad the options are

I wholly agree, and in a strange way , Trump may just be the catalyst required for the USA to move past the current stagnating two party state.
The legal action over hush money to Stormy Daniels does seem like small fry, when so many other greater more pressing cases are looming. Details here

You may not like Trump, but do you prefer Hillary (named after Sir Ed) or Senile Joe?
Trump is like the marine saying. If it’s a dumb idea and it works, then it’s not a dumb idea

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