Auckland mayor Wayne Brown has declared war on coneland. It’s long overdue and a shocking indictment on the government which has passively allowed this farcical situation to arise.

Whether town or remote country road these ridiculous cones are everywhere. It’s never happened before nor is it the case anywhere else in the world.

If Mayor Brown can restore a sane situation he will unquestionably be the New Zealander of the Year, which would be a doubly amazing attainment given he’s neither a pretend or real maori, nowadays a pre-requisite for such honours.


Brilliant Sir Bob only your comments may help to undue this fiasco.
I believe the cone company charges this year exceed $100mil.
The cone company must be contacted for all repairs to exterior of buildings in Auckland.
A tradie can no longer place cones on the exterior of a site under repairs.
The cone company has soul control of when they arrive & leave the site & how far they stretch there cones up & down the street mostly in excess of what is necessary so as to charge more.

Unfortunately Wayne Brown is prime target ‘number one’ for a large number of a corrupt government bribed left wing 4th Estate.
Corrupt (so called) journalists and biased over payed mostly useless government servants are determined to rid this country of any sensible pragmatist.
To many this surreal situation exists right now.
We must not forget who is responsible for what is a very dark time in the history of our country.

Just spent a week in Victoria and drove over 600kms. I said to my wife that we should count the cones and see how that compares to NZ. Found 6 over those kilometers. Yes, there were roadworks but a simple sign before and after was the only notification. One exception on another site was where the lollypop man was working.

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