Sydney family law specialist Sarah Bevan told the Sydney Morning Herald,

“It’s a basic human right for children to know where they came from”.

She was referring to the lack of laws, unlike in Coneland, for adopted children to know their actual parentage.

Meanwhile the newly selected Green candidate for Police Minister Ginny Andersen’s Hutt South seat, Neelu Jennings, who is legally blind and campaigns for the physically disabled, told The Hutt News it was a human right for the disabled to participate in sport etc.

Our Human Rights Commission is an expensive joke. One of the five Commissioners, Meng Foon also doubles as the Race Relations Commissioner.

Here’s a question for Meng to answer.  Is it a shocking human rights abuse of unwittingly dumb buggers to put poker machines in a low income Gisborne, predominantly maori suburb and exploit these people’s stupidity? Meng is perfectly placed to answer this, it being precisely what he did.


yes thats Meng

That is an excellent question. Instead of the incompetent garbage that comprises most of what the Ministry is want to call a maths curriculum, it could, and should, include theory and activity which demonstrates conclusively that long term playing pokies is guaranteed to lose money. Lotto has some winners, pokies has none. There’ll still be dumb buggers, but at least they would have been warned.

If you get a response from Meng Fool I’ll run naked from North Cape to Buff (dropped the l of course).

So many rights, so few obligations. Who are the Human Obligations Commissioners?

My personal current favourite… Obese American claims larger airline seats are a basic human right.

Sir Bob, you alluded to some pivotal moments that occurred in bygone years and that prompts me to ask you, before you go, please write your biography, so that I can read it, before I go.

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