Reading the wonderful quality newspapers still available by dint of population numbers in Britain, I’ve drawn a clear conclusion about financial market columnists.

What they amount to in a nutshell, is poor people (journalists) telling rich people (the large corporate bosses etc), how they’ve got it all wrong in their money-making pursuits.

These financial journalist wizards have their equivalents with the fast-diminishing Catholic clergy, constantly baying orders about sexual activity, of which they supposedly have no applied knowledge.

On a different note, re newspapers as always when in Glasgow, I picked up a copy from the Communist Party’s street stall of the Socialist Worker. This week’s front page blared “FIGHT TORIES’ RACIST FILTH”.

I bring these papers home where they give much pleasure, so much so we will look at framing them as I suspect many of our lessees would enjoy a copy on their wall.


The Catholic clergy analogy made me spit out my coffee.

Regarding poor people telling rich people how to handle money, I once worked for a large corporation in London where we had a pretty average junior financial analyst with a posh accent leave us to go work for a research broker. He was six levels down from the CEO when he left. Six months later, I turned on the telly one morning to see this same fellow, in his late 20s, telling the Bloomberg interviewer what our CEO should be doing.

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