By the time you read this I’ll be in Istanbul for the election, notwithstanding the pre-ordained result. Still, the fervour of such events is always entertaining.

My favourite faux democracy event was in rich and corrupt Azerbaijan a few years ago when a government halfwit cocked up and published the results on the wrong date, specifically the day before the voting occurred.

I was in Baku not long afterwards and teased locals about this. Some laughed but no-one seemed concerned, which I attributed to the generally easy-going prosperity. For that reason, there’s no clamour in the likes of Dubai by the locals for a say in government.

The desire for participation in government, that is democracy, is most evident the poorer a society is, otherwise everyone is happy to get on with their lives, pursuing their own interests. But with nearly all the former Soviet Union nations, they’re simply not accustomed to it, one by one they’re reverting to traditional authoritarian governments.


As long it doesn’t happen here on the 13th of October, but with this lot, I wouldn’t discount it.

Councillor Ray Chung June 25, 2023 at 12:25 pm

So how do we get people here interested in what happens in New Zealand or more specifically, in Wellington?

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