A Times correspondent advised that during a trip to the post office for some purchases, when paying with his credit card he also produced five nuisance pound coins and asked the young female simpleton serving him to exchange them for a five-pound note.

“Can’t do it”, she advised.

“Why ever not?”, the fellow asked.

“It’s against the money laundering laws”, she said.

This is surely yet another example of the cell-phone brain rot evident everywhere with the young.


One more: I bought two items at a $2 shop and they were $2 each. The girl used a calculator to do the addition.

    Went to the hardware and askef for 1kg of nails. Got told sorry they only come in 500gms or 1.5kgs

This is nothing new. I remember an article by Bob at least 30 years ago when he recounted paying for a $99.99 pair of shoes with a $100 bill. The shop assistant needed a calculator for his change.

I’ll never forget a conversation I heard at my previous job a few years ago between two of my work colleagues, a young Chinese guy and a Tongan girl (both in their late 20s). The Chinese guy was trying to explain to the Tongan girl how percentages work. As an example, he said that if you have one bottle of vodka at 40% alcohol, then double the amount of vodka by having two of the same bottles both at 40% alcohol each, the overall percentage of alcohol remains 40%. She was adamant that the percentage of alcohol would then become 80%!!! This disagreement was never resolved. As if that wasn’t absurd enough, after I left that job, I found out some time later, that the Tongan girl had somehow landed a job at UDC Finance!!!

Bought 4 chicken drumsticks at a per kg price,girl put them in 4 separate bag then weighed each one separately.

I went to the hardware and asked for 1kg of nails. I was told sorry they only come in 500gms or 1.5kgs

A few years ago I was travelling through CHCH airport late in the day after not eaten since a 0430 hours breakfast and stopped a one of the fast food places.
Me: I would like to purchase a half dozen of your chicken tenders please
Young chap: Sorry sir we only serve these in 6’s or 12’s
Me: How about one dozen then
Young chap: As I said, we only sell 6’s or 12, not singles
Me: You must have done very well at school
Young chap: yes, I did

I flew home still hungry

Oh for Pete’s sake!

I bought something from a shop for $12. I gave the girl $22, she was grateful for the coin, but had to use a calculator to work out the change. She would have been early 20’s.

I am convinced that the bulk of the public just avoid reading anything that requires any consideration.

One I do frequently to get rid of coins is to give a note that will cover the bill, and then enough coins to ensure I get a not as change. Cashiers used to figure it out pretty quickly, it’s a struggle these days

They’d all have a great future in politics.

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