When the Archbishop of Canterbury Welby copped a “speeding” ticket two days after presiding in drag conducting the absurdly anachronistic Coronation, he copped a fine plus costs of NZ$1,020.

But speeding? He was recorded driving at 25mph in a 20mph zone.

Two points; First, The Wellington City Council now seek to introduce these farcically low speed limits in the CBD. It’s madness. On current trends we will soon revert to the early days of cars in which they must be preceded by someone walking in front and holding up a white flag.

The other point is the heavy financial penalty for such a petty offence.

Here, one can literally get away with murder, as indeed happened recently (a disqualified drunk driver killing a cyclist) and cop 10 months home detention. We must have the lightest penalties in the world.

El Salvador has incurred condemnation for building a giant prison then gathering up 40,000 plus gang members and locking them up.

But the El Salvador public love it as the murder rate has now gone down from the world’s highest to zero.

The brilliant Evelyn Waugh foresaw all of this 70 years back with his 1953 comic novella “Love Among the Ruins” in which criminals were the victims and those they offended against copped public denunciation.



The president who built the prison has 87% approval from his country’s voters. He’d be great in NZ too!

I imagine that with a fine of $1020 for 5mph, a great and heartfelt cry of “Jesus Christ” was given by his grace?

Colin m I love your response. JB

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