Apparently Jacinda has copped criticism for accepting a Damehood while being a Republican advocate. All that shows is how bloody mindbogglingly stupid many people are, the two being totally unconnected.

It’s absurd that the Charles goof on the other side of the world, or indeed anyone else, is our nominal Head of State and it’s time we ended it. But knighthoods etc are part of our history. Saying we should rename our top honours by names unrelated to our history because with changing times we abandon one element of our history, e.g. the British monarch as our Head of State, is as rational as saying we should abandon speaking English once we become a republic.

My generation was brought up imbued in British culture and I relish most of it. But were I a Brit I’d certainly be a member of the steadily growing Republican movement there.



It seems de rigueur that if you’ve been Prime Minister of our fair land , and lasted in that role for a full term , you’ll be handed the royal gong . Regardless that these people are simply doing their job . And that some of them do it rather badly .

“…as rational as saying we should abandon speaking English once we become a republic.”

Sadly, Sir Bob, I fear and predict that English will have been relegated to second-class status long before then. New Zealand is descending rapidly towards becoming a third-world ethno-state where one’s ancestors and the colour of one’s skin determine your rights and privileges.

We can see from the appalling proposed new road signs, what this will mean in every day life.

Yes we should learn from the likes of Wales, Ireland etc of the dastardly effects of bi-lingual signage.

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