Well-known Christchurch identity Reg Garters sent me the enclosed set of photos, some I’ve seen before.

The cell-phone addiction is now a major issue, leading as it has to spell-binding stupidity. Fortunately, there’s action being taken as governments and individual schools increasingly are banning them.

The latest such report was from Ireland in which a small town’s parents met and all agreed not to allow their off-spring one until they’re 15. This overcame the problem of being a cell-phone pariah.

Mind you, in an ideal world, only 70 year olds should own them. The boost to efficiency would be enormous.



There is one movie today’s kids and “adults” should watch, in an irony of of ironies: The Incredibles. In Incredibles 2, the world is being destroyed due to a screen addiction. Screen Slaver is the villain of the movie. He uses screens to mesmerize people as he monologues about the dangers of screen addiction. The movie is not anti-screens, but in its overall message gives a good idea what the wrong sort of screen time is, and that too much screen time is bad for individuals and detrimental to society. The movie ends with the Incredibles on their way to a movie, but they get called away to save the day again, showing they have their priorities in order.

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