Ignore Trump’s bravado blustering and lies to his brain-dead supporters, which may provide him comfort, but the courtroom doesn’t work that way.

I have no doubt his lawyers have told him he’s in bloody big trouble.

Add to that the coming avalanche of further criminal prosecutions, notably his incitement efforts behind the January 6th riots, the fraudulent accounts and property valuations, the recorded attempts to persuade the creation of non-existent voters and much, much more and it’s inconceivable that he can avoid a prison sentence without the intervention of a Presidential pardon, or his death.

Trump is a disgrace, not just to democracy or America, but to the human race.


Well said!!! Absolute disgrace.

Never a truer word spoken

All true. The bigger question is why do so many people vote for him? Yes, some are deplorable but not all. A rising number of Americans feel that they are not getting ahead and have even been going backwards since the current technological and globalisation era began in the 1980s.

In a democracy they get to vote. As their numbers rise they can eventually make those that are thriving in the current system “feel their pain” as Dan Carlin puts it.

They want change. “Hope and change” is what Obama campaigned on but did not deliver.

Voting for Trump is the current change option. Remember 2016 was predicted to be a race between a Clinton and a Bush. The fact that the “elite” hate him is one of Trump’s drawcards.

There is always the option of suppressing dissent through the construction of a Soviet style police state – what some say is happening with the increasing state surveillance currently underway and the talk of domestic terrorism. If that fails then the roughly 50% of voters who want change will keep voting for the change candidate. It will be interesting to see how RFK Jr goes.

The worst outcome would be that change does not occur and a worse demagogue, one who is truly evil but also competent, sees the opportunity and wins the race. We may end up wishing we were back in the good old days of a Trump presidency.

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