There’s one great truth about tax and that is a universal belief in taxing the other fellow but for easily thought up reasons, not one’s-self.

That said, there’s a general consensus that the uncertainty of constantly tampering with the tax system is undesirable and yet that is what we endure from our politicians, driven solely by what they perceive will most garner them support.

To improve our tax knowledge and in particular politician’s awareness, it would be hugely desirable if every MP, now and hereafter was given a copy of Paul Goldsmith’s brilliant 2009 book “We Won; You Lost; Eat That”.

This was a quote (taken out of context) by Michael Cullen, a great pity as it made light of an outstanding and highly readable history of taxation in New Zealand and the various pressures driving change.

Before entering Parliament Goldsmith was a historian, authoring many books including commissioned biographies. He’s now a senior National MP and will soon be a Cabinet minister.

Although I don’t know him, albeit I’ve met him casually at functions, I rate him as one of our best politicians by a very long way as he’s incapable of speaking without talking sense. I doubt he will get it but ideally he would be our next Welfare Minister and put an end to the huge parasitical element living off their fellow citizens.


Fabulous. I’m going to miss your wealth of knowledge when you depart.

Well I’m just going to have to read Goldsmiths book.
Perhaps I can borrow it from the library and avoid being taxed for bettering myself.

I’ve never written a book but I do own a 1300 lb, 120 year old Cast Iron Hand press that I had shipped to me from Pennsylvania. I print short passages reflecting my thoughts on peace, existence and the play of languages.
On a recent trip to Tucson I acquired circular furniture that allows me to print in a nature that more closely reflects our true reality.

A circle not a Line.

It is my hope and belief that as a collective we move into a more mature way of treating each other.
The old way of winners and losers just perpetuates resentment and inevitability leads to revolutions and wars.
Let’s learn from the past, correct the unbalance and look to create a more sustainable environment where capitalism thrives in a compassionate way.
Good business can be Win Win and the phrase Compassionate Capitalism should be defined in everyone’s dictionary.
It could take me a while because working in analogue as opposed to digital is slow, very slow, but I foresee a little book or at least some 24 point words in a circle titled,

We Won, You Won, Let’s Eat.

Yes effectively Government is taking in approximately 25% of the countrys gross turnover’..and wondering why the country and business are stalling…

Theres no doubt a large chunk of this spend is wasted, on a mix of incompetence, and public servant wages and consultant reports to justify something that deliver nothing.

Covid gave them the excuse to borrow, and they did that in spades, like there was no tomorrow (Excuse the pun)..In fairness, as with the private sector, you only find out how good management is in the downtimes.

What we do know is the public servants know how to spend money, but havent a clue on generating long term value or what it takes to generate it (other than tax us to debt)….

Tauranga City Council still remain clueless, about to embark on an uncontested $350 million spend of a nice to have civic centre (all thanks to the McGuiness Institute). Meanwhile, Councils development income represented 20% of the revenue has disappeared, with key staff told to cut back capital expenditure by 50%: yet they still are promoting a $250 million stadium…Not too mention Tolley attempts to extend the current CEs tenure for another 5 years, just before a democratically elected Council is to be voted on….

Go figure…

The NZ taxation system is unfair. For example, there are great opportunities in the US sharemarket providing you can identify a fairly priced company with an economic moat. The NZ Government would prefer you only invest in NZ or Aussie sharemarket and has created taxation rules to discourage you investing in the world’s largest sharemarket.

For those interested in some interesting further reading on Australian taxation, try Taxtopia by the Rebel Accountant

When people say they want a fairer taxation system, they actually mean “they want other people to pay more tax”

Hi Sir Bob, I’ve been a long time fan of your writing, and eagerly await each day’s posting here. A book I have recently read and enjoyed which I thought you may also enjoy on this topic is called Taxtopia, the author doesn’t identify himself, but makes a lot of valid points for the simplification of the tax system.

If, God forbid, this government are re-elected I suspect a large number of people are going to leave. Labour have a questionable track record to date of keeping their word and many will reasonably assume, more taxes and maybe even the odious wealth tax, are on the way.

Wealth taxes as they are disingenuously called are not only a tax on a tax but are actually a tax on the middle class. The bar has been set so low that anyone with too or three properties, for example, will probably end up paying them in ten years time. Most nations in Europe have learnt the hard lesson of watching capable, competent people leave when you over tax them, with a few exceptions, like Spain.

I wonder, that said, if National will be any different? I have my doubts….

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