A recent issue of Britain’s, The Guardian, always a source of amusement with it’s ludicrously excessive left-wing silliness, bemoaned the likelihood of the coming Labour defeat in New Zealand.

To give you an idea of the “quality” of this article, take this line.

“It seemed at a time to be a safe bet that New Zealand would continue a recent history of giving governments of both persuasion, nine years at the top before the political metronome swung back like clockwork, set to a uniquely kiwi beat”.

Let’s look at the facts.

Since the end of the first Labour government in 1949 there’s been 5 more. They’ve lasted respectively, 3 years, 3 years, 6 years, 9 years and 6 years. In short, contrary to the article, Labour have had only one 9 year term and not five. That was the Clarke government which Helen sustained by largely running a National type administration of not rocking the boat.

This garbage was contributed by a trendy-lefty Sydney so-called public relations outfit.

Despite this criticism I confess I’d be lost without The Guardian, it having provided me with rich material in my various comic novels, in which I portray them always getting the wrong end of the stick.



“Gone for a generation”… thank you for that.
It give me the strength to tolerate the incumbent clown circus just a little longer.

I read the Guardian every morning and find them fair.

It seems to me that it’s the quality of your research that gives you the winning edge against the factually incorrect Guardian.
I’ve just rewatched the fascinating interview you had with the great Muhammad Ali, which is both very informative and humorous.
Ali was so knowledgeable about tactics, correct attitude and observing opponents weaknesses. But he seemed quite taken by the depth of your knowledge and I couldn’t help laughing out loud when he jokingly said to you, “ you’re not as dumb as you look “.

Bob – can you pen some thoughts on the current state of Seymour and the ACT lot?

Are the main stream media the main spreaders of disinformation

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