Scarcely a day passes when strangers don’t write to me with investment proposals.

Given I’ve plainly done OK investing on my own accord, an ounce of common sense would suggest I’m an unlikely candidate to allow a stranger to take over this role for me.

But common sense is rarely characteristic of these offerings, indeed some are truly bad.

Others are amusing, typical being the enclosed correspondence.




Ha !!!!!

Brilliant! Well played Sir Robert.

Gee the letter P would have commanded quite a premium I imagine.

Love it. Such an amusing response.

At least Ryan wrote “you’re” as opposed to “your” when hoping you were well.
Credit where it’s due!

Ha thats gold & reminds me of your book I have entitled “Letters”. Still one of the funniest reads I’ve ever indulged in & the first time I read it resulted in some serious, serious laughter.

This post of yours demonstrates yet again why we are all saddened at your decision to end this blog. Perhaps, rather than stop it completely, you might consider a weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly contribution? I feel that even after the election there will still be plenty of cannon fodder for you!

As an aside, I have a sneaking suspicion that your “investment adviser” is not called Ryan Matthews at all….!

Priceless reply Sir Robert. Hope you are still doing your famous Friday lunches?

That’s awesome, what does he actually want for the plate? Asking for a friend

Anyway, about those two parliamentary turds… are they still for sale?? And I’m not talking about the politicians.

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