The most futile job in New Zealand right now is that of a political columnist. With four weeks to go to the election, they pretend the outcome is uncertain when they know full well the election is done and dusted. That’s because this is easily the most unpopular post-war government and they’re about to pay the price and be decimated, as I forecast on this Blog 18 months ago. But instead of saying so and writing about relevant things such as likely cabinet position allocations, or policy issues instead they moan that Luxon is boring and such-like trivia.

Well course he is; he’s a Nat’ and that’s what National traditionally offers and indeed what the public cherish, namely certainly and not constantly having every aspect of life turned on its head.

In vain the journos seek out scandals to expose but even should they catch Luxon in woman’s panties, a bra and fishnet stockings prancing about in a gay bar hand in hand with Labour’s soon to be returned to his former obscurity, Northcote Labour MP Shanan Halbart who as a homosexual possibly likes that sort of thing, Luxon is still our next Prime Minister.

I exclude from these criticism the doyen of our political journalists, namely Barry Soper who doesn’t waste time beating around the bush and pretending the election outcome is still up for grabs. So too his wife, broadcaster Heather and Mike Hoskings.

A recent study by AUT’s Centre for Journalism, Media and Democracy revealed the lack of trust New Zealanders have in our media.

82% consider it to be biased and in line with the political leanings of its newsroom.

73% consider it over relies on opinion rather than fact.

The most extraordinary statistic revealed 69% of New Zealanders avoid reading or listening to the news, the highest percentage in the world. By way of contrast 29% of Germans, 20% Finns and 14% Japanese have similar distrust of the media.

Print journalists are up against it, their publications undergoing a death spiral in readership thanks to the internet and cell phone obsession, but they should at least die with dignity and not degrade themselves with trivial scandal-seeking.





Well said. I have over the years regularly experienced the intellectual dishonesty of the press. Turned off the TV a decade ago. I now source my news from OS – and here of course.

    Too right Bob unfortunately the world press is being sensored or the main stream media is heavily sensored especially in.nz

‘Luxon in woman’s panties’ etc would be a conundrum for our media.
Do they mock him, or praise him for being in touch with his feminine side, perhaps in a stage of transitioning, in which case he must be supported and, indeed, portrayed as beyond criticism of any sort, the most impeccable example of the modern Kiwi male.

You can almost write the headlines for the leaders debates ahead of time as the media, desperate for Labour to have a chance, will unanimously declare every debate a win for Hipkins and signs Luxon is inexperienced and in trouble….yawn yawn…the public have already decided and nearly 70% would have voted before the debates even happen.

Journalists are nothing more than lapdogs to the advertisers that pay their salaries…White collar crime would be my focus…

They seem to have forgotten how to draw in an audience, and dont ask the right questions.

If I was one, I be an independent contractor, and organise political discussions a copy of nights a week with a guest speaker…Based on attendence, the pubs would be happy to pay for your attendance. This would provide a platform to a podcast, if main stream media werent interested…

Unless your a crook, the best way to make a difference is working for yourself….

The door is wide open for a new media company in NZ
I’m not sure but would presume you have the means to start one
It seems obvious to me that if anyone was to start up a new television network here they would take market share overnight
Go on have some fun

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