A recent poll claimed 60% of New Zealanders support a wealth tax.

That’s no surprise. My lifelong observation on people’s attitude to taxation is they’re all for taxes so long as they affect someone else and not them.

A classic example was the recent reported utterance by a Jonathan Barett, Associate Professor of taxation at Victoria University.

Barrett was quoted saying “an inheritance tax, specifically a capital acquisition tax was the best solution for New Zealand’s fiscal problems”.

So here’s a bloke who in return for a modest income, never left the comforting safe security of the school-room, his choice of course, but who has the answer to more government money to substantially waste.

Namely, take it off the energetic individuals who create jobs and industries, usually after an initial few years of long hours, low income and considerable risk, without whom we’d have no economy to support the likes of the fearful of life, metaphorically hiding under their beds types such as Barett.




A race to the bottom indeed. That is exactly what the left will never, ever, accept.

Personal responsibility and being able to achieve this would stop any need for any further taxpayer assistance.

A truer word was never spake

I’m surprised it’s as high as 40% not advocating a wealth tax.

Maybe instead of teaching 12 years olds how to become IT entrepreneur millionaires, we should teach starting at age of 12 the chicken and egg theory, the theory the left doesn’t appear to understand.. That Businesses come first then employment. and teach them what happens when the hated wealthy stop investing in business and housing.

I view a wealth tax as one of envy. Let’s take from those who work and give it to those who don’t! Reminds me of a question we had when I was young. “If we’re on the Earth to help others, what the heck are the others doing?”

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