Stuff reports Jonah Lomu’s widow Nadine has written to the New Zealand Film Commission demanding they “cease and desist” (her words – either cease or desist would have been adequate) their making of a documentary film on Lomu. This she claimed breached her intellectual property rights re her late husband.

She’s talking arrant nonsense and should get some legal advice. Marrying a famous person does not carry any intellectual property rights, moreso given being a top rugby player has no intellectual character.

Intellectual property rights apply to creating something new, not being good at something. If that wasn’t the case we’d have no history books.

Instead of making her look silly Stuff should have taken a kinder approach and pointed out the facts of the matter.



‘Cease and desist’ is a term used by them what practice the law of course. I’ve heard it so often, I’ve never stopped to consider the obvious redundancy…

Youre suggesting that Stuff should do something sensible, Sir Bob ??

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