I tuned in and lasted 5 minutes.

Host Paddy Gower opened by asking Hipkins a question which he answered uninterrupted with his usual high-speed babble.

Gower then put it to Luxon who endeavored to answer and was non-stop interrupted by Hipkins.

I turned it off.

The government is doomed, so too Hipkins who will still be rolled by the Party’s survivors within a month of the election massacre. The nation’s most straight-shooting political journalist, Stuff’s political editor Luke Malpass, summed it all up accurately, concluding, “It’s hard to see it shifting the dial for Labour”.

Never a truer word.


But but Tova said Chippy won – I’m wondering how long the ebullient Tova will last in a non-state funded media environment 🤔!

    Tova tried it and did not last. Neither she nor her colleagues could draw a large enough audience to sustain her show up against Hosking and others. Media Works axed the whole shebang. So to answer you – not long at all.

Unfortunately , I had some plastic to recycle , which prevented me from watching the leaders’ debate . Notwithstanding that , some excerpts were replayed on the radio today , and I wondered if Chris Hipkins realised that his constant interruption and speaking over the top of his opponent was an ” own goal ” . Bullying , badgering and shrieking are not endearing traits .

Best comments made on Newstalk ZB, by callers, that Hipkins was like a wound up Energizer Bunny. Another caller stating that Hipkins had overdosed on too many caffeine high coffees prior to the “debate”.

Chippy is a career politician who treats it as a game.It’s not a game playing with peoples lives it’s serious.

I didn’t even bother tuning in.

Given the weak replies by both Luxton and Hipkins, its obvious that Act is the only Party that will restore what we had before the Horse got in to power, thanks Winston..

I have been waiting for Hosking to have a turn. No chance it seems.

Watched for the same amount of time as you Sir Bob. Gower should have used hi “moderators experience” and moderated how he should have.

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