Going through my files I came across a letter dating back to last December which will brighten your days in these gloomy times.

I’ve blocked out the names of the parties.

A self-employed mate of mine was going to Auckland for a week. For practical reasons he uses his mother’s address for mail as she looks after his accounts.

I banged off the enclosed letter then initially forgot about it.

When I remembered a few weeks later I probed with my mate who then made enquires. It turned out his mother had bought it hook, line and sinker and has copped taunting ever since for her trusting naivete.





That just cracks me up, gloomy times or not.

Sir Bob, my simple request to you is to please not give up your daily blog after the election. New Zealanders such as myself would really miss your daily dose of commonsense and humour in an otherwise dim witted and useless MSM.

yes, totally agree. Your column is a breath of fresh air. we have far too much of the touchy feely PC stuff and the lack of critical analysis. Also a lack of piss taking. dont give up on us else we will have only Mike Hoskin left to keep the bastards honest.

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